Video: Interesting way to pick up a flag

The inverted ribbon cut has been a staple of many airshow acts over the years. This video raises the bar (or is it now lower) greatly. Any U.S.-based act care to step up and try this?


  1. For my next trick, watch me do a cartwheel with my plane!

  2. What you see is part of a special training for a special kind of show of Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia Aérea
    This show is repeated in other settings
    Thank you very much for your feedback


  3. Wow! I’d be a little worried about the outboard aileron hinges on those full span ailerons.

    I recall someone down that direction broke a wing off of a Chaos at an airshow and got the BRS deployed just in time. Wonder if it’s the same person?!


  4. Great stunt, great control. Safe? not so much.

  5. Geez, don’t encourage the nuttier among us.

  6. That is high risk and unnecessary, and sends the wrong message to those who are unable to see the danger involved,

  7. Wow! That’s one way to mow the lawn!

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