Raisbeck begins deliveries of swept blade propellers

SEATTLE — Raisbeck Engineering’s Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers are now being delivered after receiving FAA certification covering the entire King Air C90/E90 family.

Jointly developed by Raisbeck Engineering and Hartzell Propeller, the Swept Blade Propeller design for the C90/E90 family follows closely after the 2013 introduction of the first swept propeller design certified for the entire King Air 200 family. More than 32 sets of these propellers have been delivered since their introduction last March, according to company officials.

To ensure that one propeller design would cover both earlier C90s with 2200 RPM for takeoff, and later versions that use 1900 RPM, the quarter-chord blade sweep was increased over that for the 200s, from 30° to 37° at their outer diameter. This allowed the team’s engineers to increase the prop diameter 6 inches over the OEM prop to 96 inches, gaining performance while reducing noise at the same time, company officials explain.

When added to the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package for the C90/E90 aircraft, the Swept Blade Propellers deliver performance increases across the board, according to company officials. The EPIC Package is priced at $99,864 plus installation and includes Raisbeck Dual Aft Body Strakes and FAA-Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement.

FAA-certified performance for the EPIC-equipped C90, for example, includes a 10,500 MTOW, takeoff distance of 2,015 feet over a 50 foot obstacle, and a landing distance of 1,845 feet over the same 50 foot obstacle.

Deliveries of the C90/E90 Swept Props began earlier this month.

For more information: Raisbeck.com

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