What’s your story?

We tell stories. In 2014 we want to tell your story.

This year, we will dive deeper into fewer subject. Don’t worry, we’ll still deliver the news and information you read General Aviation News for. But there are a few topics we want to expand, and need your help.

January was DESTINATIONS. We included a deep dive into Austin, Texas, GA to DC, San Diego, Myrtle Beach, the Caribbean, reader favorites and how to prepare yourself for an epic journey.

In February we turn to AIRSHOWS. With the freezing temperatures many of us experienced in January, the thought of basking in the warm sun at SUN ‘n FUN, AirVenture or your local fly-in is a welcome thought. Sequestration had a dramatic impact on the airshow industry. John Cudahy, president of the International Council of Airshows, will tell us what we can expect in 2014. We’ll also spotlight LiveAirshowTV’s Jeff Lee and performer Skip Stewart. In order to plan for a season of flying, SocialFlight’s industrywide event calendar is turning into a must have app.

TYPE CLUBS will be our focus in March. From RVs to Clipped Wing Pipers to Cessnas of all sizes, Type Clubs reign supreme. Many a model might be grounded if not for the tireless dedication of Type Club organizers. What makes your Type Club great?

In April we’ll get wet covering SEAPLANES. I’ve yet to meet a pilot who doesn’t relish the thought of plopping down in some backcountry lake to cast a line, take a hike or just marvel at the beauty. Seaplanes are a unique breed that elicit dreams for adults as easily as children.

The STATE OF THE STATE will be a look at… our states. Some are more friendly to aviation than others. Why? We’ll tell you the success stories and offer examples for you to get involved. And getting involved is key. It is not enough to be a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) or the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) or your state pilots association. You have to write and call and email and weed and paint and clean and…you get the picture.

I have a feeling there is a fairly large cross-over between full scale and RC FLYING. Not every RC aircraft is a “drone.” Want to fly skyward from your backyard? RC Flying might be your ticket to ride. Do you fly RCs?

In the second half of the year we’ll dive into BACKCOUNTRY FLYING, AIRPARK LIVING, our INNOVATORS, what it takes and who is MAKING A LIVING in general aviation, the FUTURE OF FUELS, and wrap things up with THE YEAR IN PICTURES.

Here’s where you, our faithful reader, come in. While we have a great many connections to tell great stories, some of our best content comes from you. Do you know someone who lives the AIRSHOW or SEAPLANE lifestyle? What about an airport or aviation advocate? Do you live on an AIRPARK? We’ll hear from plenty of public relations people, and we’ll tell the better stories from them, but we want to hear from you… our readers.

General Aviation News is grassroots. I want to hear from fellow grass-stained pilots.

Send your story ideas, suggestions and comments to Comments@GeneralAviationNews.com or you can add them online at GeneralAviationNews.com/MyStory


  1. Joe Hultquist says

    There is a need to discuss accountability (honesty) among IA&Ps. I was told by a Pennsylvania IA that a J-3 that I was about to buy on line was a good airplane. It was delivered to me in Minden, NE and, on the surface, to a lay person, appeared to be as advertised. However, at the annual inspection a few months later, it was found to be unrepairable short of a restoration. A soup can instead of an approved pipe was used as part of the carb heat system. Corrosion throughout the airframe required a new fuselage, half of the horizontal stabilizer and some new wing ribs. When the covering was removed from the wings, soot covered the leading edge. I would like to take legal action but it would cost more money than I can afford considering the risk of receiving nothing.

  2. Tom says

    If you want to hear our story,
    Then it’s about getting us all mogas,
    In ethanol there is no glory,
    And sleep apnea takes us to task.

    I do not like ADS-B,
    It costs too much for us guys,
    No money is left for me,
    For100 dollar burger with fries.

    In a cup no longer to pee,
    FAA off our backs my friend,
    No third class medical you see,
    Freedom to fly is our goal to the end.

  3. Kent misegades says

    These are great ideas and I appreciate the fact that GAN spends more time LISTENING than the other aviation media. How about calling on people who are designing new aircraft. It seems we rarely hear about this anymore, unlike the glory days of the EAA when Oshkosh and Lakeland saw many new and innovative designs, and always a few wacky ones.

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