Women with disabilities invited to learn To fly

Women with physical disabilities are encouraged to apply for full-ride flight training scholarships from Able Flight.

Stephany Glassing“With training beginning in May, there is still time for people who act quickly to apply,” said Charles Stites, executive director of the aviation non-profit. “We are hopeful that this will include applications from women candidates.

“To date, over 20% of Able Flight’s licensed pilots are women, and though that’s far better than the national average of approximately 6% of pilots who are women, we want to dramatically increase that number, and are encouraging more women to apply.”

To be considered for training this year, candidates should apply very soon, he noted.. Information on the program and downloadable application forms are available on the Scholarships page at AbleFlight.org.

Able Flight is a national aviation nonprofit providing flight and aviation career training opportunities for people with disabilities and is the only one of its kind in the United States.

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