enhances FBO Fuel Prices App has added GPS functionality to its FBO Fuel Prices app.

This new capability will enable a pilot in the air to locate the closest airport and/or the best fuel price in that area, Jeff Carrithers, President of explains.

FBOFuelPriceApp2Other updates include: Fuel brand logo of the FBO, time stamp of last update, and compatibility to iOS7.

The app has additional information regarding the specific airport chosen via its Airport Resource mobile unit website, such as METAR, NOTAMs, navaids, current Weather and Terminal Procedures.

The app can be purchased for a one-time fee of $3.99 at the App Store by searching FBO Fuel Prices.

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  1. Ed Pull says

    Will be taking an around the world record flight attempt westbound looking for fuel availabilIty along flight plan on westbouNd either up thru Alaska or thru Honolulu straight west the aircraft is being fitted with tankAge to be 30 hrs in the air the exact range tobe determine with shorter flights working up to max range my first long range record would be Honolulu to Peterbough new jersey alla 1950 recordby odium Thank you in advance Ed Pull

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