‘The Aviators’ soars to new heights in Season 5

The Aviators television series has just started production on Season 5.

The series, which made its debut in the fall of 2010, has aired in the United States nearly 40,000 times to an average audience of 10 million PBS viewers each week. Today, the show airs in more than 100 countries, reaching 50 million viewers worldwide.

Among the successes The Aviators achieved last season was its increased popularity on iTunes. When season three was first released in 2012, it peaked at number three as the most-downloaded non-fiction TV series. Within hours of episode 4.01 being released, the series jumped to number two, second only to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

The Aviators fits into the docuseries category, but also fits the format of a reality show since it follows real pilots through everyday scenarios.

“From students at Embry-Riddle, to airshow pilots, to the makers of the Goodyear Blimp, we track the day-to-day reality faced by thousands of aviation-minded people across North America,” explains Anthony Nalli, creator and executive producer of the series. “We break the mold from the typical ‘reality show’ format since our goal is to inspire current or future pilots to achieve their goals and realize that their aviation dreams can become a reality. Through The Aviators, you learn something, and you become inspired through the amazing accomplishments of others within the aviation community.”

Nalli said he is setting up the program to achieve new highs for Season 5. With filming already underway, and with ongoing sponsorships from companies including GEICO, American Airlines, Brietling, Sennheiser and others, an early episode will pay homage to the pair who started it all: Orville and Wilbur Wright.

“We’ll be visiting Dayton, Ohio to feature the brothers and their aircraft, as well as the significance of the city in aviation history,” he says.

The exact September 2014 launch date for episode 5.01 is yet to be announced but fans can check their local listings for air times.


  1. Anonymous says

    Watched several episodes but was bored to death. Show was not that interesting even for pilot. It was just like antiques roadshow but with airplanes. Not fun at all.

    • SquadrnLdr says

      I have not idea what this so called pilot is talking about but perhaps he/she needs a new hobby. The show is not as technical as we pilots would like it to be but then again its audience is the non aviation individuals. The way the hosts of the show introduce the various topics is in layman terms which is good for the average person and even younger audiences. Keep up the good work guys and gals of Aviators!! I have the DVDs for all the Seasons in my aviation library and can’t wait to get Season 5 when it becomes available.

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