VIDEO: Baumgartner’s 24-mile jump from new perspective

Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 24 miles above the earth’s surface back in October 2012. Millions watched it live via YouTube. On Friday, January 31, GoPro uploaded a first person view of the jump. To see Felix exit the Red Bull Stratos capsule is toe curling. To see his suit barely move in the first minute of his free fall shows exactly how little atmosphere he’s falling through. Enjoy this 8+ minute perspective.


  1. David Welch says

    Beautiful! I particularly enjoyed the old movie of Joe Kittinger also. I worked with him at Martin Marietta in Orlando in the early 80’s and ran into him around town many times. A true and humble gentleman. Doing that jump even higher is quite an achievement. Doing it the first time without nearly the support and technology goes way beyond. You can see his ascent capsule at the AF museum at Wright-Pat. It looks like a phone-booth sized silver pill!

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