Embry-Riddle offers short courses

Embry-Riddle will hold a variety of aviation-focused short courses beginning in April at its campuses in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Prescott, Ariz.

The five-day courses can be completed individually or combined to earn an Embry-Riddle Certificate of Management in Aviation Safety. In addition, two three-day workshops at the Daytona Beach Campus will cover aviation safety management systems and unmanned aircraft systems.

All of the courses are taught in a face-to-face traditional classroom setting by experts from the aviation industry and are tailored for industry professionals involved in the operations, management and supervision of aviation organizations, according to university officials.

Certificate of Management in Aviation Safety Series:

OSHA/Aviation Ground Safety, April 14-18, Daytona Beach: Participants will gain a working knowledge of an aviation ground safety program, learn about OSHA standards and receive the OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Safety & Health Card at the conclusion of the course.

Aviation Safety Program Management, April 21-25, 2014, Daytona Beach: The course covers the development and management of an effective safety program. Topics include economics of safety; risk management; safety climate; regulatory safety and health programs; safety analysis techniques; and safety management systems.

Aircraft Accident Investigation and Management, April 28 to May 2, Daytona Beach: Participants will learn the fundamentals of conducting or managing an aircraft mishap/accident investigation. The course reviews the investigation sequence from the preplanning stage through the general survey and specific analysis of a mishap/accident, culminating with the determination of contributing factors and probable cause/s.

Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation, May 5-9, Prescott: The course will explain advanced accident investigation procedures involving design, materials and aircraft performance. Simulated accident scenario exercises will help participants identify, collect and analyze data in the process of determining probable cause/s, using the on-campus Robertson Crash Laboratory.

A discount is available for multiple course selection in the Certificate of Management in Aviation Safety Series.

For more information, go to ERAU.edu.

Daytona Beach Campus Workshops

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, April 1-3: The course will identify the key concepts, attributes and challenges of UAS operations. Topics include core concepts; UAS regulation; sensors, payloads and geospatial data; human factors in UAS; and national airspace integration.

 Aviation Safety Management Systems, May 20-22: Participants will gain a  foundation in safety management systems (SMS) concepts to support further implementation of SMS within their own organizations. Topics include safety culture; human factors; reactive, proactive and predictive safety management tools; external audits; safety assurance; and SMS implementation.


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