Czech Sport Aircraft delivers 500th aircraft

Czech Sport Aircraft reports the delivery of the 500th aircraft from the company’s facility in Kunovice.

This milestone was recognized Jan. 23 during a delivery ceremony for serial number C0500. The 500th aircraft is a PS-28 Cruiser destined for the United Kingdom and was formally handed over to Kairos Aviation Limited.

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Matthew Harvey (left), co-managing director, Aviation Trading s.r.o and Peter Foggin, Kairos Aviation during the delivery ceremony of the 500th aircraft

“This is a very important day for Czech Sport Aircraft and everybody associated with the factory,” said Martin Jurik, CEO.

G-XARA has been delivered in glass cockpit configuration with Bohemia Red Classic Design paint scheme and Slate Grey Standard Leather upholstery. The aircraft is equipped with the new Cabin Comfort Package developed by Czech Sport Aircraft, which the company offers on the EASA-certified PS-28 Cruiser and also SportCruiser.

The PS-28 Cruiser is a double-seat aircraft of full metal construction. The aircraft is arranged as a low-wing mono-plane with cantilevered wings and conventional empennage. The PS-28 Cruiser is type certified for VFR Day operations according to EASA CS-LSA regulations and can be fully commercially operated in EASA countries or in countries where the PS-28 Cruiser obtained local CAA Type Certification.

Currently a total of 500 PS-28 Cruiser and SportCruiser have been produced and delivered to customers throughout the world. Over 200 SportCruisers have been delivered to the USA.


  1. Jerold says

    Hello All!

    Just a comment from one very pleased pilot of the Sport Cruiser. I have had the good fortune to have around 478 hours in several different Sport Cruisers. I have flown the basic six pack versions and the glass panels. It is a wonderful airplane. I have 4 other airplane types available to me (older aircraft), but I always pick the new (2013 Skyview +) fully equipped Sport Cruiser. My wife owned a 2012 Dynon equipped and has traded it for the 2013. We put 202 hours on the 2012 and now have 78 on the 2013. U.S. Sport Aircraft, President – Patrick Arnzen; Chief Sales – Sam Huff; Chief Financial Officer – Stuart Stevenson; and their other personnel have all impressed me in a most positive way and have my complete trust.

  2. Donald says

    I bought a new 2012 PS28 Sport Cruiser in March 2013. Despite a few minor problems I had from the start. Like replacing voltage regulator and, having to send the Dynon ADHARs back for repair and, a flat tire. I love my Sport Cruiser. What I don’t like is that the factory will not honor the warranty for a defective main landing gear leg.

  3. DUANE HILL says

    I purchased the Pipersport partially due to Pipers involvement , which turned out to be only marketing. The plane was much more than my expectations. I have more than 700 hours on it on mostly cross country flights. I have found the support from the importer (US Sport Aircraft) in Addison, Texas to be exceptional. I have needed some parts and they have always had what I needed. Many of the parts may be sourced from Aircraft Spruce (brakes, wheel assemblies, etc) or from Suppliers such as Dynon, Ray Allen, and the like. It helps that I live about a two hour flight away from Addison.

    • DUANE HILL says

      I, too have liked the Sportcruiser so well that I have placed an order for a 2014 model. Based on my age, it is likely the last plane that I will own. I do have a medical but really like the plane for it’s capabilities. My mission does not require more than a two place.

      I would not have placed an additional order without the trust I have in the manufacturer and US Sport Aircraft. I have visited the Czech Republic company and find them very capable and determined to produce the best product.

    • Dave Fleming says

      Nice comments. As an owner, come join our new SportCruiser discussion forum

  4. David says

    I bought a PiperSport LTD in 2010 before getting my ticket. I have never looked back. It is a super aircraft and great trainer. Makes flying fun and the plane is really sexy. No kit building, no discussion running LOP/ROP, get in and go! The panel looks like a 737 and the aircraft responsive. I have a second plane, a SportCruiser on order for delivery in April. Go there! This is what LSA is all about in maximizing technology in a quick and responsive manner. US SportAircraft in Dallas (KADS) is working hard to put this baby on the map and provide customer support. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.

    • Ian says

      I echo David’s sentiments. I did all my training in a Pipersport and loved it. I now own a 2013 Sportcruiser SVAP+. By having the very latest technology in traffic, weather and terrain warnings, combined with a ballistic airframe parachute gives me great peace of mind. The Sportcuiser has plenty of power and is very responsive, with only gentle inputs required. I guess one could say a little finesse rather than firmness is required. It is an absolute pleasure to fly. Whichever airport I land at, I am always warmly greeted by airport personal saying “what a beautiful plane.” I also want to add that I only have had very positive experiences in dealing with US Sportaircraft in Addison. They have always been willing to ensure that Sportcruiser ownership combined with their service has always been pleasurable and fun. I highly recommend a visit to their Hanger!

      • Dave Fleming says

        I think we met at Patrick’s hangar not too long ago as I picked up 2013 SVAP+ … sad to say the airplane has more computer power than I have in my house …

        Check out our new SportCruiser discussion form at

        Love to have you as a member … we’re just getting started

  5. John Shaw says

    Great airplane. Just wish it liked wind a little better. Mine is also a 2008. It was registered in Jan 2009. Am doing the 5 year firewall forward rubber replacement now. The people in TX are pretty good at supporting the airplane. They have had most parts when needed and always more than willing to talk and answer questions. Went to the 120 hour school and both Rotax classes to be able to work on the plane.

    • says


      The ‘120 hr school’ to which you refer is for the LSRM, correct? Did you feel it was worth the time and expense? Are youcomfortable maintaining your own plane? Where was the class held?

      Thank You,


  6. says

    I flew a SportCruiser a few years back when they were introduced by P. Not what I expected. Small deflections of the stick produced uncomfortably rapid changes in pitch. The sun was out and despite the visor it was uncomfortable to have direct sunlight on your head. When flying with the sun at your 6 glare on the instrument panel rendered unreadable. On short final we flew over a relatively small stand of trees – the minimal downdraft destabilized the plane to such an extent that I reflexively fire-walled it. Fortunately the PiperSport is so slow that after regaining control it was still easy to land before the first taxiway. On the positive side it’s relatively inexpensive, the autopilot worked and the rotax engine was great – but to make any time at you’re flying around at 5500 rpm or so – sounds like you’re behind a chainsaw. Hope this plane is successful and promotes LSA as LSA was intended – but I’ll never fly one of those things again – ever.


    • John Dill says

      Tahere. you need to learn to relax. Understand that the Sport Cruiser is a very responsive plane. Stick forces are also very light. You need a little finesse and less brute force on the controls.

    • says

      I have to agree with Tahere.
      I’ve flown three SportCruisers to date, one was the PiperSport version. All three had an imbalance between pitch and roll. The stick was unusually sensitive in pitch only, nominal in roll.
      I had a whoop-de-do takeoff my first time that made the airplane’s co-owner, well-known CFI Doug Stewart, jump for the stick. He said the pitchiness was a well-known trait and took just a bit of getting used to.
      It’s a question of readjusting your sensitivity to pitch vs. roll in this airplane, not a huge problem but an uncomfortable surprise when you don’t expect it.
      And I’d say certainly more than a question of merely “learning to relax” or mischaracterizing the pilot’s skill as manifesting “brute force”.
      Any airplane feels perfect — once you get dialed into it. Unfairly pointing the finger at the pilot instead of the airplane seems unfair in this case and unwarranted.
      It’s not a huge problem but it is a much-documented trait of this lovely airplane. Any first timer in it should be advised to baby the pitch inputs in the beginning, especially near the ground.
      I do really like the airplane: very docile and enjoyable to fly. Sweetheart to land. But it does have twitchy pitch, or at least it used to: I haven’t flown one in a couple years, maybe they re-engineered the linkage as I’d heard they were going to do. Piper had also planned on fixing it, so said their PiperSport rep in confidence when I flew it with him.

  7. grt blu says

    If the manufacturing volumes even approached 1/10000 that of the least selling automobile, then there would be sales, distribution and service everywhere.

    Get real people, this is still a custom, hand build industry with minimal automation.

  8. says

    Slovak propaganda. The majority of those 500 aircraft I built under Czech Aircraft Works. Piper pulled the plug on the deal as soon as they realized they were dealing with an ‘Integrity-Challanged’ company.

    • Rob K. says

      Flew the Aircraft when US Sport was in Ft Pierce. Awesome Airplane and it handle the wind superbly. 25 gusting 34. There is always a Breeze at that airport being located on the coast line. If you was concerned about the wind flying out of that airport, you would never Fly.

  9. Jim Fisher says

    Bought N144FA in Dec 2010. Other than replacing all 3 inner tubes and new alternator have had zero issues. Added a night light kit, ADS-B, and new Sensenich “scimitar” prop. Love it. Need more US distributors, available Rotax maintenance locations.

  10. Allan Durham says

    I flew the PS28 when Piper rolled out the aircraft at Sun N Fun, fantastic aircraft, I was on the verge of placing an order but got cold feet when news broke that the partnership was off.

  11. says

    And IF Piper has enough cent$ to stay behind the brand

    And IF Piper has enough cent$ to stay behind and market the brand – perhaps the 1,000th or close?

    • Colin Perry says

      A great airplane, I’ve had mine since 2008. A very convoluted manufacturer support system because of the different players. Hopefully parts will become more readily available for some of us orphans…

      • says

        Colin; “convoluted – that’s putting it mildly”!
        This IS of typical of your GA (LSA) manufacturing business – NO systematic or organized stream from “maker to consumer” – perhaps a few of these “clowns” could learn something from the auto industry?

      • Dave Fleming says

        You are correct in the support system comment, but I believe US Sport Aircraft is on the right track and will do us all right. I just sold my 08 and waiting to pick up a new SVAP+ in Addison in a couple of weeks.

        Hope all is well for you there in HI

        • Theo Truter says

          There are 2 SportCruzers flying in South Africa but they are demo’s
          with little serious buyer interest.
          Mostly that’s due to a very unfavourable SA Rand exchange rate against the
          might Euro!
          There is also serious competition from South Africa design built near Johannesburg.
          The Sling. They have a 2 & a 4-seater and both designs have flown around the world and were flown to the most recent Oshkosh meet.

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