Entries now open for Cross Country Air Races

Entries are now open for the First Annual International Air Meet- Championship Cross Country Air Races to be held May 23-26, at Durant, Oklahoma.

The first entry has been submitted by Jeff Barnes of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Race #411 Vans RV-6 (pictured above). Jeff is the 2013 Sport Air Racing League Gold Points Champion. His RV6, “Old Whiskey Delta,” holds the Sport League record for the fastest speed posted by an RV-6.

Entry deadline is April 11.

All piston powered fixed wing aircraft are eligible to compete in the events, according to organizers, who note there is a class for all airplanes.

Racing starts with a 100nm Sport Air Racing League Championship Point sanctioned event on May 24. Test your plane and your flying skills on a fast five turn course. Pilots going for the annual Sport League Point Championships will have an opportunity to add to their point totals at this event.

“The 100nm course is fast, fun and safe,” organizers say. “It is a great place to start your racing career.”

#007_Rene_DugASA short course is also available for pilots who fly aircraft with limited range and/or a top speed of less than 100mph. This is classed/timed speed racing and speed over the course determines the winners. All aircraft are individually timed and launch in speed order, fastest first. Awards and prizes will be presented that evening.

The 600 Mile Championship Cup event will be held May 25, with a mandatory pilot’s briefing at 4 pm on May 24. It is a one-day round robin course with two no penalty/strategy stops. Racers launch at their own discretion within the race window. This event offers the full card of Sport League sanctioned classes, Challenge classes for like make/model aircraft and the ultimate Championship Cup awards.

Beech35In addition to the Sport League sanctioned classes, pilots may race in Challenge class. Here aircraft of the same make/model compete.

Championship Cups will be awarded for Experimental and Factory Planes, normally aspirated, turbo/supercharged and prop jet, single and multiengine and Heavy metal single and multiengine for the war birds and classics.

To be part of this inaugural event, go to InternationalAirMeet.com


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