Quest delivers first Kodiak to Brazil

Quest Aircraft Co. has appointed Quest Aircraft Do Brasil as the Kodiak dealer for Brazil. The first Brazilian Kodiak was delivered to them last week and the aircraft is currently on a demonstration tour to prospective customers.

“We are pleased to welcome Quest Aircraft Do Brasil as our newest dealer for the Kodiak,” said Steve Zinda, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our strategic expansion has focused on partnering with premier local organizations to represent Quest in the international marketplace. We continue to focus on regions of the world where the Kodiak is certified or pending certification, along with those areas that offer the most market potential.”

The Kodiak, which received Brazilian certification in 2012, is certified in 16 countries, with several additional certifications imminent.

“We are seeing a lot of market potential for the Kodiak throughout Latin America,” added Zinda. “In the last two months, we have delivered five Kodiaks to customers in Latin America, with additional deliveries expected this year.”

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