Quest increases landing weight for the Kodiak

Quest Aircraft Co. has received FAA approval for an increase of 565 pounds to the maximum landing weight of the Kodiak. With the increase, the landing weight is now 7,255 pounds, same as the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight.

“We continue to enhance the performance parameters of the Kodiak as well as working on modifications and upgrades that customers have told us they are most interested in,” said Sam Hill, president and CEO. “The increase in the landing weight allows us to maximize the gross weight of the airplane and gives operators increased flexibility, especially in terms of carrying extra fuel. This will be a significant benefit for those flying to remote regions, as well as allowing owners to take advantage of the better fuel prices that are often available at their home airports or other locations.”

The increased landing weight upgrade is now standard on all new Kodiaks coming off the production line. It is available as an option for Kodiaks already in the field, and no structural upgrade is required. A service notice has been sent to all owners, and more information is available at the Quest website.


  1. Albert Beckwith says

    My Brother-in-Law “Thomas Baker” was a member of the team that was involved in the initial design and construction of the Kodiak.
    Tom passed away in 2011. . He was a pilot and had a Cessna 180 and would “When he lived in California” fly and do missionary flights in Mexico and South America. He was a Member of the Flying Samaritans
    When Tom moved to Kentucky he completed the construction of a Seaplane named for his father “68 Lima Bravo”. It is now in the at The Aviation Museum of Kentucky located in Lexington. He and His wife “Caroline” would fly in the Seaplane and land in the Ohio River. In Tom’s earlier days he would fly supplies to a remote Indian Reservations known as Happy Camp in Mexico.
    In addition to his wife Caroline his LOVE was to Fly. Tom was a Good Christian and loved by many. You will find the Kodiaks are involved in missionary flights. This was an early agreement with Quest Aircraft.
    Al Beckwith in Ohio

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