Double-digit growth for Piper

VERO BEACH, Fla. — Piper Aircraft reports it achieved double-digit growth in new aircraft revenue and new airplane deliveries for 2013.

The growth was led by increases in the sales of piston-powered training aircraft. Piper ended 2013 with a 13% increase in revenue from new aircraft sales of $168,776,759, compared to $148,968,967 in 2012, the second consecutive year of 13% revenue growth.

The revenue increase was a result of a nearly 19% boost in new aircraft deliveries for 2013 — up 30 airplanes to 188, compared to 158 in the previous year, according to company officials. Piston-powered aircraft deliveries increased 22% to 154 aircraft in 2013 from 126 aircraft in 2012, reflecting increased trainer aircraft sales.

“Our performance substantiates Piper’s recommitment to the global pilot training market,” said Simon Caldecott, president. “This next year will continue to present economic challenges and consequently we expect a similar pace of deliveries matched to market performance.”

In addition to growing the sales of pilot training aircraft in the year just ended, Piper broadened its global footprint through the addition of international dealers, and completed transformation of its entire aircraft product line to upgraded advanced Garmin avionics, company officials reported.

Fourth quarter revenue in 2013 was $54,785,284, compared to $42,090,089 a year ago, a 30% increase reflecting increased deliveries of 61 aircraft compared to 42 in 4Q 2012.





  1. ManyDecadesGA says

    Wow. 50 Cherokees a year.

    We once used to build about that many equivalent airframes in about a day at one of GA’s principal OEMs, back when GA was thriving. My how times change, as our aspirations are now lowered.

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