Sandel upgrades SG102 AHRS

VISTA, Cal. – Sandel Avionics has released its latest upgrades to the SG102 (MOD2) AHRS, which is a solid-state, three-axis instrument certified for primary heading reference and standby attitude.

Enhancements include a three-times faster initialization time (one minute), and added selectable low- and high-speed ARINC 429 output, which allows for additional interface options with radar systems, satellite communicator antennas and other avionics.

“These upgrades are especially pertinent for law enforcement, firefighting, and EMS (aircraft)” said Gerry Block, President & CEO of Sandel. “To ensure we were making the most relevant updates, we included dealer input as well as worked closely with customers to help direct the improvements.”

The SG102 (MOD2) AHRS is available now.

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