AirSatOne introduces Flightstream SA

AirSatOne has introduced Flightstream SA, a free service that allows an aircraft owner to speed up their SatCom internet and save on data usage.

FlightStream SA offers a set of web filtering, compression and management features that can be turned on or off and changed at any time without having to gain access to the aircraft. Changes can be made to single aircraft or wholesale to an entire fleet or groups of aircraft in the fleet, according to company officials.

Flightstream SA is ground based and does not require hardware or software to be installed on the aircraft.

“Our competition charges its customers for a similar service that has fewer features and operates on a limited network which means your data will have to take more hops which increases latency and slows down your internet.

“AirSatOne’s FlightStream SA is deployed worldwide on Internet point-of-presence located at or near satellite earth stations allowing the most efficient handling of data going to and from the aircraft,” said Jo Kremsreiter, president.

The Internet point-of-presence are located in New York City (USA), London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Aussaguel (FR), Oslo (NO) and Hong Kong (CN), she noted.

Flightstream SA is designed to simplify management of inflight Internet services and is accessible remotely with an Internet connected PC. Operators have the ability to create an aircraft network and to control their network using AirSatOne support or their own IT department.

“AirSatOne has documented that a single device connecting to iCloud can use up to 200 megabytes of data or more, which results in airtime charges around $1,200. With FlightStream SA these updates can be blocked on a single aircraft or a group of aircraft while allowing the user to have Internet connectivity for normal activities,” said Kremsreiter.


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