Yingling Aviation to add Subway to FBO

WICHITA — Since 2000 when Lynn Nichols acquired Yingling Aircraft, he has wanted to have a restaurant of some type within the facility. That goal was realized today with the announcement that Yingling has been awarded a Subway Cafe franchise. Slated to open in mid-June, the new restaurant will have seating for up to 46 diners and will also offer a full range of catering services.

“You could say this plan has been in the works for 14 years,” stated Nichols, CEO of Yingling Aviation, the FBO at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport. “It was a part of the original vision we had for this business…and now it’s happening. We are offering pilots and customers a convenient and enjoyable place they can fly-in or drive-in to eat.”

The cafe joins Yingling’s Aviator’s Attic, a pilot shop located inside the facility offering piloting supplies, aviation-related gifts, apparel, charts and manuals.

The Subway Café is expected to add approximately 15 to 20 full-time and part-time positions.

“Subway Café is a new concept store that offers an upscale dining environment and an expanded selection of menu products,” stated Rusty Rathbun, Subway’s Development Agent.

Along with Subway’s standard menu of sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items, the new Café also offers a selection of bakery items, pastries and beverages, including Espresso Lattes, and Smoothies. The new Subway Café will be the first one of its type in the state of Kansas.

“The Café will be located within one of Yingling’s hangars and will be constructed with glass walls, providing customers an exceptional view of airport activity and operations on the east runway,” Rathbun said.


  1. mike pilot says

    Great! Just what we need, to smell all that garlic and salami every time we walk into the FBO. Like last time I went to local Verizon store with Subway next store. And local business in mall with nail shop, overpowering nail polish remover fumes. Headache and nausea.
    Let’s keep food in food place, and FBO in FBO place. Or at least get strong exhaust fans blowing it out onto parking lot or ramp, so that we can do our barfing outside.

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