Video: ‘Scariest take off I’ve ever seen’

Using an airplane to trim the tops of trees is a bad idea. FlightChops posted this video to his YouTube channel in an effort to learn from the mistake of another. Fortunately a narrow gap just to the left of centerline allowed a little extra space. Too bad it was needed. See the video below or on YouTube.



  1. DeWitt Hodge says

    Ben, thank you for the courage to share this video with the rest of us. You may very well have or will save a pilot’s life. Excellent video and commentary. I’m glad I happened to come across your work and Flight Chops. I look forward to viewing other videos you come up with. I’m looking for ways to contribute to the general aviation community. So I found your video an inspiring example. Take care and keep flying ! DeWitt Hodge, Pittsburg CA.

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