Video: ‘Scariest take off I’ve ever seen’

Using an airplane to trim the tops of trees is a bad idea. FlightChops posted this video to his YouTube channel in an effort to learn from the mistake of another. Fortunately a narrow gap just to the left of centerline allowed a little extra space. Too bad it was needed. See the video below or on YouTube.


  1. DeWitt Hodge says:

    Ben, thank you for the courage to share this video with the rest of us. You may very well have or will save a pilot’s life. Excellent video and commentary. I’m glad I happened to come across your work and Flight Chops. I look forward to viewing other videos you come up with. I’m looking for ways to contribute to the general aviation community. So I found your video an inspiring example. Take care and keep flying ! DeWitt Hodge, Pittsburg CA.

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