Aviation Safety Resources Introduces Life-Saving Smart Recovery System

Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) has selected Pennsylvania-based Inteprod to design and fabricate the control panel for the prototype of its Smart Recovery System (SRS) for general aviation aircraft.

The SRS-1 demonstration unit will be unveiled at the 57th Annual Aircraft Electronics Association’s International Convention & Trade Show in Nashville, March 12-15.

Working  with the ASR team and software developers at Springton Technologies, Inteprod will design and fabricate the SRS-1 Control Panel using its in-house rapid prototyping system.

“Inteprod’s experience in developing and manufacturing complex, high technology devices within highly regulated industries makes it a perfect partner for avionics companies that require equally stringent quality control and regulatory compliance,” said Dario P. Manfredi, ASR founder and president. “They have a proven quality system and the infrastructure required to meet the FAA’s stringent quality and performance standards. Better yet, they know what it takes to bring complex technologies to market.”

The SRS-1 is the first of three patented ASR safety systems. It continuously monitors aircraft operation for potentially unsafe conditions. When a potential hazard is detected, it provides an audible alert to the pilot designating the corrective action needed to bring the aircraft back into a safe flight envelope.

Designed to fit into the radio stack of a variety of cockpits, the SRS-1 will integrate with an aircraft’s existing sensing systems, according to company officials.

“Today’s automated cockpit assistance systems present more data in larger displays, but a pilot must look at the displays, assess the data and make a decision,” Manfredi said. “All of this new visual data can distract a pilot from the basic hazards. Our technology will add a much-needed audio component to situational awareness. In a hazardous situation, ASR’s SRS-1 literally tells the pilot what the data means.”

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