Garmin upgrades G1000 in King Airs

Garmin has introduced new capabilities for G1000-equipped King Air 200/250/300/350 series aircraft.

These enhancements provide a number of new features and optional equipment upgrades, company officials said.

The new upgrades include several NextGen components like Automatic Dependence Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) compliance, as well as customer-requested capabilities, such as creating user-defined holding patterns, and the approval of optional equipment to increase its global operating capability, Garmin officials added.

Owners will now have the ability to build user-defined holding patterns that can be created over an existing fix in the navigation database or user-defined waypoint. Unpublished holds or those assigned by air traffic control are easily created and displayed on the multi-function display, simplifying the activity, officials explained.

New enhancements offer options to ensure aircraft are prepared for NextGen. These new operational features include:

  • Barometric Vertical Navigation (Baro-VNAV) approach capability
  • FAA ADS-B Out Compliant
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capability that includes the ability to fly procedures with Radius-to-Fix (RF) segments

For those conducting Search and Rescue missions, the G1000 system can automatically generate flight plans for three search patterns: Parallel Line Search, Expanding Square, and Sector Search patterns. The SAR package is a priced option.

The optional GTS 8000 traffic system and GTX 3000 transponder is a compliant TCAS II/ACAS II system, which also meets the standards for ADS-B ‘Out’ compliance, according to Garmin officials.

The GTS 8000 system issues traffic alerts and Resolution Advisories (RA) to avoid traffic conflicts. The optional GRA 5500 radar altimeter supports the TCAS II/ACAS II solution for King Air aircraft without an existing compatible radar altimeter.

For current King Air owners, the latest software is available today from a Garmin Authorized Dealer as a free upgrade (installation charges may apply). Optional equipment upgrades are also currently available.

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