New online services matches pilots to repair stations

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Fly Mechanic recently launched its online database of qualified repair stations, mechanics and similar services that pilots and aircraft owners can use to find the specific services they require.

“Every pilot has had or will have a bad experience with a mechanic at one time or another, or difficulty even finding a qualified mechanic like I’ve had in the past,” said Alex Roush, a pilot and Fly Mechanic co-founder. “I want it to be less challenging, less frustrating for fellow pilots to find good mechanics, and I know will certainly help.”

While most pilots and owners may have their home base aircraft services already lined up, they often find a need for services while on vacation or on a business trip in less familiar locations, he noted. A quick search on will turn up facilities filtered by state, services offered and ratings.

In addition to providing the contact information of the facility and specific services it offers, the database also includes reviews of the facility and its services from other pilots and users.

“If you have an issue at an unfamiliar airport, makes it simple to find the right mechanic the first time,” adds Andrew LaFollette, the other founder of Fly Mechanic. “You have a real sense of who the good guys are because the reviews come from you and me, fellow pilots. Also, not all mechanics specialize in the same aircraft. You don’t need to take your Piper Cub to a Lear Jet specialist, just like you don’t want a Cessna 172 mechanic working on your Gulfstream.”

Less seasoned pilots or owners may also have an issue with their aircraft and not know what to do next. To help them, also includes its “Ask a Mechanic” feature where users can submit questions to Fly Mechanic’s panel of pre-screened and approved mechanics and receive an answer, usually the same day.

There is no cost to users of the services, no membership or other user requirements either.

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  1. Mitch Darnell says

    I see nothing for Altus, Oklahoma. The FLYMECHANIC.COM ADDRESS has no listing for me. I know there is a FBO located here.

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