CubCrafters hits milestone, plans expansion

YAKIMA, Wash. – Aircraft designer and manufacturer CubCrafters achieved a milestone by delivering its 300th CC11 aircraft in January.

CubCrafters’ CC11 family includes the Carbon Cub SS (pictured above) and Sport Cub S2 LSA models. Serial Number 300 is a  Carbon Cub SS in Volcano Red bound for Idaho, according to company officials.


The 300th CC11

CubCrafters’ continued sales growth has stretched the company’s manufacturing facilities to the limit, officials also report.

Until now, all manufacturing and assembly has taken place in the company’s three buildings totaling 40,000 square feet.

“Across the past four years we’ve done a great job of refining our processes,” comments Jim Richmond, Founder/CEO at CubCrafters. “However, we’ve reached a point where our limited space will impede efficiency.”

Accordingly, the company has purchased a 23-acre parcel adjacent to McAllister Airport in Yakima and broken ground on a new Composites Fabrication Shop.

“The expansion will allow us to devote more space to Composites, Parts and Kits, thereby affording an overall increase in production. Looking forward, the new property will accommodate additional construction as our needs grow.”

New orders for CubCrafters’ finished aircraft and kits continue at a record pace, officials add. The next delivery position for a ready-to-fly airplane is in late August and new buyers of the Carbon Cub EX Kit can expect shipment in May, they noted.

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  1. Greg W says

    Great to see the company is doing well, and not pushing their expansion too fast. It is interesting and yet ironic that Cub Crafters and Legend Cub are doing fine building and selling “Cubs”. It seems that Piper would be doing that, but alas, likely not enough profit per airframe like with the “M’ class. Again, it is great to see U.S. produced aircraft selling well and filling a market segment, and by the way remember American Champion is still building as well.

  2. Ray says

    Congratulations and keep cranking them out! The Top Cub’s my favorite (and I’m not even tail wheel endorsed – YET!) Dream Machine! I WILL own one someday (soon!)

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