MIT researchers seek your help with study

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s International Center for Air Transportation is studying the impact of ADS-B traffic and weather services — and they want your input.

According to the MIT researchers, the goal of the study is to determine how general aviation pilots value and use these services.

ADS-B — Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast — is a central component of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, known as the NextGen air traffic control modernization program. ADS-B is intended to improve traffic surveillance capabilities by sharing accurate aircraft position information between pilots and air traffic controllers, the MIT researchers explained.

In addition, ADS-B provides pilots with traffic information for nearby flights, referred to as TIS-B, along with relevant weather and airspace information, referred to as FIS-B, researchers explained.

To receive these traffic and weather services, a pilot must have the appropriate equipment onboard their aircraft. This equipment could be in the form of installed avionics or a portable ADS-B receiver linked with a display device, such as an iPad or other tablet computer, the MIT researchers noted.

Even if you don’t currently fly with ADS-B traffic and weather capability, the MIT research team would value input on how you would use this information if you had it. They ask that you consider taking 15 minutes to complete the anonymous online survey at


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