Calling all seaplane pilots!

Attention seaplane pilots: The next two print issues of General Aviation News will focus on seaplanes, so we’d like to get some insider information from you. What are some of the best places to fly (and land) in your seaplane? What is it about seaplane flying that you like the best? What tips and advice can you give to fellow pilots who are considering a seaplane rating?


  1. Dave says

    Western/Northern Maine! About the best seaplane environment closest to the Northeast corridor. Lots of seaplane friendly camping, fishing, and wildlife spotting.

  2. Marion Seckinger says

    Georgia is NOT seaplane friendly. Georgia Power owns a number of lakes in the state that were created by dams it built over the years and all seaplane operations are prohibited. I am told that Alabama Power (also a subsidiary of Southern Power) does not have the same restrictions on its lakes.

  3. wallace wogenstahl says

    I have been flying seaplanes for over 40 years. just cant quit. To me the best seaplane enviorment in the world was northwest Ontario Canada. Currently I am stuck in Ohio probably the most un freindly state for seaplanes in the country ,but I keep trying. I still have a supercub on Whip amphibs.Keep working on getting more lakes opened up for seaplanes. In the right enviorment it is the most freedom and best flying there is

  4. Glen K says

    Manitoba Canada – 100,000 lakes – you can only get there by floats and it will take a life time to fly to each lake.
    100+ walleye per day is common.

    Sky Harbour, Duluth – best place to learn seaplane.

  5. Kp couch says

    me and my partners base our a1b husky on wipline amphibs in Sacramento Calif.We enjoy many miles of river and Delta flying just minutes from home base,also of the 20 or so reservoirs and lakes ,I can only think of a few that are restricted to seaplane use within an hours flt time of SAC.As far as flight considerations for seaplane operations….Wind….know the expected wind forecast…that is in my opinion ,90% of seaplane skill.KPC

  6. says

    We manufacture new amphibious LSA plane called ATOL here in Finland – land of hundreds of thousands lakes.
    Atol is making its world premier at AERO 2014 in Germany 09-12.04.2014. Although ATOL is new, its roots come from a plane sold as a kit on early 90’s. It has some outstanding features, which I’d like to mention;
    ATOL is made from wood composite, which is very strong, lite and durable. ATOL’ s payload is incrediable 683lbs!
    ATOL has an optional Water Thrust System; steering in water has never been so easy and accurate. ATOL comes in a box/container which is not just to trailer Your plane to water and back, but a home for ATOL.
    Check out our homepages for more info and also my blog for latest news.

  7. says

    Having relocated from Alaska, I like to think of North Idaho as “Alaska without the bugs.”
    Here we have over 55 lakes, rivers, sandy beaches, excellent restaurants which you can water taxi right to, cabin rentals,along with plenty of hiking and fishing spots assessable by seaplane. If you need a seaplane rating, BFR, or an extended seaplane adventure, give my friend Glenn Smith a call at 208-255-5500 (I confess my bias to his Coeur D’ Alene Seaplanes, as I do his checkrides as a DPE). He instructs in a beautifully restored, highly-modified PA-12.

  8. Greg W says

    June 6th-8th Otsego lake Splash-in, Gaylord MI. The lake is 5 miles x 1 mile operations are requested to stay at the north end, there is beach parking and adjacent county park.

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