Auto-darkening welding helmet debuts

Just introduced is the new Tweco auto-darkening welding helmet, which features four sensors and can be used in both weld mode and grind mode. The helmet has a viewing area of 3.86” x 1.69”, weighs 16 oz., and uses solar power to eliminate the need to change batteries, according to company officials.

NewTwecoHelmet copySuggested price is $142.

Backed by a two-year warranty, the new helmet comes in three styles: Patriot Eagle, Skull & Fire and Yellow Dragon.

When switching from light-to-dark, this Tweco helmet darkens in 33 microseconds, or 1/30,000th of a second, one of the fastest reaction times available (by way of comparison, a human eye blink takes 3/10th to 4/10th of a second), company officials explain.

When switching from dark-to-light, users can select from three switching speeds: short (0.25s to 0.35s), medium (0.35s to 0.50s) and long (0.50s to 0.80).

Tweco placed the sensitivity and delay knobs on the outside of the helmet shell so operators can make adjustments while welding.

When setting the helmet down, a recessed lens design prevents the faceplate from touching the table, protecting it from scratches.

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