LAMA rallies industry to comment on FAA policy

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association is encouraging Light-Sport Aircraft professionals and others in the aviation industry to comment on FAA Draft Policy 8130.2(H).

The FAA is proposing that fully built LSA (SLSA) that are converted to Experimental LSA status (ELSA) be restricted to single-place operation only and not be allowed to fly over densely populated areas or at night or to conduct instrument flight rules (IFR) operations. LAMA officials said they believe no safety argument can be advanced to support such onerous restrictions.

The FAA is further proposing that electric-powered aircraft also have the same restrictions. But the policy goes even further, requiring electric-powered aircraft to conduct all operations within a specified geographical area.

Again, no safety argument has been shown to demand such heavy restriction and the action, if enforced, could sharply curtain development of electric-powered aircraft, LAMA officials noted.

The most promising sector of aviation to be early adopters of electric power includes LSA, light kits, and ultralight aircraft, officials added.

Comments must be received no later than March 30.  They should be addressed to

You can deliver comments by mail or hand to Federal Aviation Administration, 950 L’Enfant Plaza, SW – Suite 500, Attn: Craig Holmes, Washington, DC 20024

Or Fax comments to 202-385-6475.


  1. Ralph Richards. Pilot says

    Addendum, correction. LSA and experimental pilots already do NOT fly at night. Ralph Richards EAA President chapter 465. Paso Robles., California.

    • D. Norman says

      Not quite correct.

      Sport pilots can not fly at night, but LSAs can be equipped for night flight.

      When flown by a pilot whose certificate permits night flight ( e.g. Private Pilot with at least a 3rd class medical, and night current), an LSA equipped and placarded for night flight can be so flown – with a passenger.

      There is no such thing as an experimental pilot.

  2. Ralph Richards. Pilot says

    Concerning draft 8130.2, There is no safety argument to support such an absurd restriction. LSA , experimental and electric builders and pilots are the most safety minded people in the world of transportation and already stay away from populated areas and do fly at night. This Bill 8130.2 appears to all pilots just now hearing about the that it is being hidden from the people you as a public servant are working for. It seems obvious that it is being done to ram someone’s hidden agenda through without the publics knowledge, shame on you! You absolutely must follow our nations process and now, at a minimum, extend the process 60 days. Ralph Richards , President EAA President, chapter 465.

  3. Charlie Kile says

    Sounds like just another attempt by the FAA to further prevent the general public from participating in the great experience of flight!

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