Wipaire hosts open house for pilots on way to SUN ’n FUN

Wipaire is welcoming pilots on their way to SUN ’n FUN to its facility at the Leesburg International Airport (LEE) in Leesburg, Florida, on Sunday, March 30.

Wipaire will provide cold water and soft drinks as well as hot dogs and hamburgers . Additionally, pilots and passengers will be able to enter Wipaire’s 2014 sweepstakes early.

This year’s sweepstakes prize is a Stratus 2 portable ADS-B receiver and a six-month subscription to Foreflight.

“We want to welcome both visiting and local pilots to learn about what we do, and to get a refreshment on their way to SUN ’n FUN,” says Lee Webb, vice president of aircraft services for Wipaire’s Leesburg location. “As a bonus, they can enter our sweepstakes before the show even begins.”

Leesburg International Airport is located approximately 50 miles north of Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL), making it an ideal place to stop for fuel prior to entering the arrivals process into Lakeland, Wipaire officials noted. Full-service and self-service fuel are available at Sunair Aviation. Sunair also will be providing a SUN ’n FUN fuel special on Sunday, March 30, to coincide with the open house.

For more information: Wipaire.com


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