Airforms wins PMA approval for CASA 212 Brake Disc

BIG LAKE, Alaska — Airforms’ turboprop PMA product line expansion continues with FAA approval for a replacement brake disc applicable to EADS CASA 212-200 aircraft.

“We are pleased to continue our product development in the turboprop market segment.” said Dave Utsch, Sales and Marketing Director. “We have engineered a replacement part that meets or exceeds the original brake system performance requirements, while reducing cost 60% from the OEM list price. Our part features precise machining to improve the disc fit and help ensure proper operation.”

The Airforms CASA 212 brake disc is applicable to all -200 model aircraft and is a direct replacement for the original disc.

The Airforms’ design features a three-step heat treatment process to minimize wear characteristics in service, followed by precision machining, according to company officials.

Airforms’ work on the brake disc is the result of extensive collaboration with the commercial fleet and a result of direct request, officials noted.

Airforms, Inc. is a global supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft; products also include an expanding line of turboprop aircraft PMA parts and STCs. Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts, supported by FAA DER staff engineers.

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