Surprise SUN ’n FUN showing by Kitfox

When John McBean of Kitfox Aircraft announced earlier this year that the company wouldn’t be able to participate in any of the big airshows, it was a bad news/good news scenario.

The bad news: Air show attendees wouldn’t get to see the Kitfox up close and personal. The good news: The company’s success had created a backlog of orders that simply took priority over air show attendance.

KitfoxAnd while Kitfox wasn’t at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, in January — and had no intention of making it to SUN ’n FUN — that changed with one phone call.

“We received a call from the U.S. distributer for Rotax engines with an offer we just couldn’t refuse,” he reported. “They asked if we could display our newest Kitfox S7 Super Sport at the independent Rotax Service and Training Centre booth at SUN ’n FUN this year, as a means of demonstrating the long-time support Rotax has provided to both the kit plane and S-LSA end of the light aircraft market.”

“As one of the most experienced users of the Rotax 9 series engines and manufacturer of both kit and S-LSA airframes using the Rotax engines, we were honored to be selected as the company to represent Rotax use in recreational aircraft,” he said.

But what about the backlog at the factory?

When asked about the production issues, McBean responded, “Should I consider it a compliment if my team says they can do just fine without me at the plant? Seriously, we have taken a good look at the production line and this trip will not impact deliveries.”

“The opportunity to support our good friends at Rotax is just too good to pass up,” he concluded.

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