Droneport: FAA Flight Standards Issues Notice to Inspectors on Logging Drone Pilot Time

From Droneport.com, “Because it is getting more requests in the field, the FAA Flight Standards Division, whose aviation safety inspectors conduct pilot certification duties, recently issued a notice, Logging of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot Time. It clarifies questions raised by drone pilots who request credit for flight time logged on drones.” Read the rest of Droneport.com Editor Scott Spangler’s take here.


  1. C Gerker says

    Edwards AFB requires their pilots and operators to maintain civil licenses to fly these drones/UAV into the NAS. They have a great AeroClub at Edwards for that purpose. Some twenty years ago AIR-100 Wash DC came to a meeting in SoCal to introduce themselves with these vehicles and a decision was made then that these are to be considered “aircraft” regardless if occupied or not and when operated in the NAS that those operators were to be certificated pilots.

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