EFB Challenge launched this week

A competition to measure pilots on their use of the iPad as an EFB launched this week at SUN ’n FUN.

The contest, led by MyGoFlight and the IMC Club, is designed to advance the use of low cost, readily available tablets such as an iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

Interested pilot contestants can enter local contests and winners will advance to regional events. Regional finalists will compete nationally during EAA AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh.

Pilots will be measured on their use of the tablet as an EFB in terms of efficiency, proficiency and accuracy in aeronautical decision making during flight planning, pre-flight and in-flight real world situations.

According to organizers, the goals of the competition are to create an understanding of how pilots use their EFBs and identify what proficiency looks like; identify where improvements to tools or instruction are needed; get more pilots to see and understand the benefits of flying with an EFB; and identify the best of the best.

“The iPad has seen fast adoption by a large number of pilots and is the first technology to achieve widescale use in aircraft spanning general, commercial and military aviation, new and old,” said Tom Haines, AOPA Editor in Chief and EFB Challenge sponsor. “Yet there is much we need to learn. What impact do these devices having on flying? How does this help deal with an aging fleet? What improvements are needed with apps and training? We look forward to providing our input into this effort and seeing the results.”

The first four contests took place this week at SUN ’n FUN during MyGoFlight’s iPad Takes Flight — EFB Challenge forum sessions.

“We want to help pilots be able to see what proficiency looks like and what to strive for,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “We want to help instructors and app developers find ways to improve the level of use. Our goal is to minimize incidents such as runway incursions, landing at the wrong airport, taking off from the wrong runway, busting a clearance or not having the right chart — all of which could be reduced to near zero by pilots successfully integrating the iPad into their flight deck and work flow.”

“Our goal is for pilots and their instructors to incorporate the iPad as an EFB,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, president of IMC Club International. “It is important to establish proficiency standards and to help build capabilities that go far beyond paper chart replacement — capabilities that will help pilots make better and faster decisions.”

IMC Chapters will host local and regional contests. If you would like to enter a contest, go to MyGoFlight.com/EFBChallenge and sign up for the EFB Challenge newsletter. You will be contacted as contests are scheduled.

Flight schools, military and commercial operators are also welcome to create contests that can then compete on a regional level along with IMC Clubs.

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