Stallion 51: Mustangs and more in 2014

Stallion 51, an aviation business that specializes in rare vintage aircraft, has become a cornerstone of the Mustang world — restoring, operating and marketing the rarest of the breed.

Built on the dream and passion of the Lauderback brothers — Lee, Peter, Richard and John — Stallion 51 has a large presence on the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) in Orlando with their three hangars, encompassing the flight operations for their two dual cockpit, dual control P-51 Mustangs and T-6 Texan orientation flights and transition training program, including VFR unusual attitude training program in the P-51.

Crazy Horse 1 & 2  playing aove the cloudsThe addition of AVDOC 51 makes the Stallion 51 campus a unique aviation destination. Where else can you fly in for your FAA medical?

Senior AME Dr. William Busch believes the ability to fly in this day and age is dependent on desire, training, skill, financial and physical ability. These are all replenishable resources except one, physical ability or health, he notes.

“Without good health and the ability to pass an FAA medical exam, all the dough, desire and skill in the world will not get keep you in the cockpit,” he says.

“Doc Busch” is an integral part of the team at Stallion as an instructor pilot who also teaches the aero-medical aspects of unusual attitude training in the new UAT program, a division of Stallion 51.

The UAT program offers advanced IFR upset training in a specially modified L-39 TurboJet. The UAT program’s purpose is to familiarize pilots with the recognition and recovery from unusual attitudes and in-flight upsets. The program is structured to train pilots to recognize and respond accurately and quickly before the situation progresses into one from which they are unable to recover.

Pilots from all over the world enroll in Stallion 51’s transition and check-out training programs, both in the T-6 Texan and the P-51 Mustang. Insurance companies recognize that Stallion 51’s check out program is the gold standard in training for those who want to own and operate their own Texan or Mustang.

John Lauderback assists the transition-training clients further by helping them to find the perfect vintage plane to match their dreams of owning one. Through Stallion’s many warbird connections, the Lauderbacks know every Mustang flying or project available in the world. John helps connect those who want to find a good home for their Mustang with the perfect new owner who is looking for a P-51 through “GrouP51.”

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