Bye Aerospace, PC Aero to Announce New Initiative

Bye Aerospace and PC Aero will announce a new initiative during a joint presentation by George E. Bye and Calin Gologan on April 25 during the 8th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, and Gologan, Founder and CEO of PC-Aero, based in Nesselwang, Germany, will present “Practical Solar-Electric Propulsion Advances – Manned and Unmanned Systems” at 11 a.m. local time during the first day of the symposium. They will also discuss their collaboration on technologies that enable the first practical aircraft using solar electric systems as their primary energy source.

“Calin and I are honored to collaborate on such a game-changing advance for aerospace,” Bye said. “The cost of flying is a significant factor that influences the decisions for many to learn how to fly – electric propulsion is a key technology that will help change that. Given the looming pilot shortage and rigorous requirements for new pilots, we are determined to provide a more cost-effective solution for training new pilots.”

“We believe the solar and electric configuration is ready to be applied to the first generation of electric aircraft,” said Gologan, who has been flying electric aircraft since the Elektra One first flew in 2011. “I look forward to developing this capability with George’s team and delivering practical solutions in the coming months.”

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