Continental Motors acquires F406 type certificate

Continental Motors has partnered with ASI Innovation of Reims, France, to acquire the Type Certificate, inventory and manufacturing rights for the F406 twin engine turboprop formerly produced by Reims Aviation of Reims, France.

The F406 is a twin engine, unpressurized, 14 passenger turboprop aircraft first introduced by Reims Aviation Industries in 1983.

In addition, the airframe can be powered by either the Pratt and Whitney PT-6 or a Continental Motors’ piston engine, using any of the company’s geared, FADEC and diesel engine technology.

“We are pleased by the acquisition of this great airframe,” said Rhett Ross, president of Continental Motors. “We will be excited to see it return to production in both a turbine and piston engine configuration to meet global demand for a cost effective twin engine utility aircraft.”

Continental Motors has partnered with ASI Innovation (ASI), a  provider of STC and custom design and installation services for a variety of aircraft with offices in Reims and Toulouse, France. The companies will jointly oversee the continued airworthiness of the existing product, fleet and customers, according to Continental officials.

As the companies work to bring the plane back to production, ASI will have responsibility and control of all business related to government application of the F406 product, while Continental Motors will have responsibility for all commercial applications and restoring the F406 to production.

Additionally, ASI will become a distributor for Continental products in Europe. Continental officials predict that as the relationship matures, ASI will be a preferred source for developing STCs and product customization requested by customers for the turboprop and piston versions of the future F406.

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  1. Sarah A says

    This used to be a product in the Cessna line although built under license by Reims. So why does Cessna not see this demand in the market and bring back this design along with others in its former broad product line. Does this mean that Cessna has given up on GA now that the C162 has been dumped.


    What kind of piston engine can be fitted of such a “14 passenger F-406”?
    A more powerfull PT6A (than the “21” 500 hsp) could be a better choice !
    a french pilot

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