Pipistrel launches online Virus SW course

Pipistrel-online, the Pipistrel training portal, has released a new on-line course for the VIRUS SW Light-Sport Aircraft.

Pilots can learn about their aircraft, including engine, avionics and flying technique specific to VIRUS SW anytime, anywhere and at their leisure, according to company officials.

Initially Pipistrel-online released the online course for the ALPHA Trainer aircraft, which was originally available only in English, but is now translated into other languages ​​(Spanish, French, Russian, Croatian and Macedonian, with other languages pending).

The major advantage of the courses, which are prepared by experienced flight instructors, is that the content is constantly being developed, so that the customer has a lifetime unlimited access to the portal, which is updated and continually grows in content, company officials said.

The pilot training course is interactive and consists of texts, images, diagrams, videos and quizzes. You can access the training portal at Pipistrel-Online.com, where you can also view an interactive free demo.

The Virus SW course expands on the ALPHA Trainer and adds interactive and easy-to-learn chapters such us flying with the variable pitch propeller and understanding the Dynon SkyView. A short YouTube presentation of the course is available here.

Pilots who do not fly a Pipistrel aircraft can enjoy an illustrated online course about the Rotax 912 ULS engine, officials add.

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