Accessories introduced for GoPro and iPhone

Sporty’s and NFlight Technologies have introduced the first variable propeller filters for pilots flying with the GoPro or iPhone. These filters can be combined with headset audio cables to make complete cockpit video kits, according to Sporty’s officials.

Almost all video cameras suffer from the “rolling shutter effect,” which distorts the propeller and can ruin a good video. With the new Variable ND Filter, pilots can adjust the darkness of the filter to suit different lighting conditions and different airplanes. The result is a clear and professional video every time, Sporty’s officials said.

For GoPro users, the filter snaps onto the GoPro waterproof case or skeleton case, and is removable for use outside the cockpit. For smartphone users, pilots attach the metal bracket to the outside of their phones and line up the filter over the camera lens. The adjustable case is compatible with most smart phones, with or without case, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Sporty’s offers a complete kit for the GoPro that includes a variable ND lens filter, headset audio cable, skeleton case and suction cup mount. With this, pilots can record HD video, plus ATC and intercom audio. The filter and the kit are compatible with the GoPro Hero3+.

For a complete iPhone video solution, Sporty’s offers the Deluxe iPhone Video Kit, which includes the Variable ND Filter, custom audio cable and suction cup mount.

goprotelephoto lensA new Telephoto Lens Kit is available for the iPhone 5/5S that makes it easy to record close up shots of the ground or other airplanes. The high quality lens zooms from 4X-12X and features a manual focus ring for precise adjustment. The kit includes a custom iPhone case and mini tripod for steady shots.

The Variable ND GoPro Filter [#7188A] is available for $99.99 and the Complete GoPro Kit [#B1007A] is available for $229.95. The variable ND Smartphone Filter [#6619A] is available for $69.95, the iPhone Telephoto Lens Kit [#6612A] is available for $129.95 and the Complete iPhone Video Kit [#B3652A] is available for $129.95.

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