10,000 miles in an LSA in a month-and-a-half

BOISE, Idaho – From one end of the United States, and back, to the other end, and back. Paul Leadabrand of Stick & Rudder Aviation flew his Kitfox S-LSA from Boise to Lakeland, Florida, for the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In and back to Boise — a 4,800-mile round-trip so the Rotax 914-powered “Big Foot” edition of the Kitfox could be on display at the Rotax booth.


Barely back from Florida, Paul is now off to Anchorage, Alaska, for this weekend’s Great Alaska Aviation Gathering (May 3-4) in the FedEx Maintenance hangar at Anchorage International Airport.

“About the only thing needed upon return from SUN ‘n FUN was a check of the tire pressure,” said Kitfox President John McBean. “This plane will be headed for some rough fields.”

“After leaving SUN ‘n FUN, Paul flew to Key West – the farthest south point in the United States – just because,” said McBean. “Who knows, after this weekend’s show in Anchorage, he may head up to Barrow… just so he can be at the farthest northern point in the U.S.”

The trip to Anchorage – and back  – is being made so Kitfox Aircraft can display at the show and will add about 5,000 miles more to Paul’s logbook. Not bad for a month-and-a-half in Special-Light Sport Aircraft.

Paul is hoping, “that the Alaska pilots I meet along the way will show me the secret sights I have heard Alaska has to offer.”

Have fun Paul. See you in Anchorage.


  1. Bob Meyer says

    It’s good to learn about LSA’s making these long trips. I suspect that many who don’t fly them are surprised to learn that they’re comfortable and capable with good range, at a fraction of the price and twice the fuel mileage of a Cessna.
    The big tires would be good to have in general, since they must improve emergency landing capability. How do they affect speed, handling and fuel mileage, Paul – is the aerodynamic and weight penalty significant?
    Also – Would the 912is (injected), with lower horsepower, be sufficient?

  2. Cheryl Berry says

    Is there a website that describes the trip? How long did the trip take? How many overnight stops?

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