How I Did It: Cirrus Aircraft’s Dale Klapmeier

I read a good many “How I Did It” type stories in various business magazines. It is always interesting to learn that “now successful” business operators struggled with the same challenges I, and many others, struggle with. So when I learned that Cirrus Aircraft CEO Dale Klapmeier would be in the Seattle area retelling his “How I Did It” type story, I had to sign on.

While many know some of the backstory to today’s Cirrus Aircraft, hearing it from the guy who has been there since day one will provide an intriguing insight.

DaleKlapmeierFrom the invitation: “Success, however, has not come without challenge, frustration, and concern over longevity.  As virtually every other industry, aviation has faced formidable challenges over the past 30 years.  Government regulation, certification standards, labor shortages, and cash flow challenges have brought many aircraft manufacturers to the brink of bankruptcy. Dale Klapmeier will discuss how the Cirrus team has successfully navigated the company through these turbulent times to become one of the most successful aircraft manufacturers in the world, and how these strategies can relate to other small businesses facing similar challenges.”

Interested? It is open to the public but, as they say, space is limited.

There are two opportunities: Museum of Flight, Theater Room (Boeing Field, 9404 East Marginal Way W, Seattle) on Wednesday, May 21, at 6 pm; Microsoft Campus, Studio B-1350 – The Screening Room (15101 NE 40th St., Redmond). In either case, RSVP to

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