Video: Chino Warbird Airshow

Frederick A. Johnsen attended last weekend’s Chino Warbird Airshow and put together a nice video of the action. See below or on YouTube.



  1. Bryan B. Compton says


    My Father was a SGT. in the Army Air Corp WWII with the 359TH Fighter Group/370 Fighter Squadron and they flew both P47(s) & of course later P51(s) stationed in England. What a wonderful sight & sound to hear the P51(s) in action topped off by the F86 Sabre Jets!!!

    Great Video!

    Brings back fond memories of my Father’s stories-especially regarding the Mustang.

    Much Thanks from a very proud son.

  2. Mike says

    This could have been a great video but the lack of airshow sound and the addition of the music sure ruined it. Don’t waste your time shooting good video and wasting it with this choice of music.

  3. Greg C. says

    I wish there was more sound of those old Merlin, Allison, P&W, etc. in place of the music, then it would have been an outstanding video!

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