New gradient tint sunglasses from Summer Hawk Optics

Patented Flying Eyes Sunglasses now include the option of gradient tint lenses designed specifically for aviation use.

Flying Eyes Sunglasses with gradient tint lenses are $10 more than the standard tint. Like the original lenses, the gradient tint lenses are precision-cast, distortion-free polycarbonate, according to company officials. They are also non-polarized, which is important when using them in the cockpit with LCD screens, officials note.

Flying Eyes SunglassesThe Flying Eyes strap system is designed to be comfortable with an aviation headset. The non-elastic strap on Flying Eyes is soft and thin, so there is no pressure or pain under a headset even after a long day of flying, company officials said.

Additional features include:

  • Flying Eyes sunglasses are convertible. The removable strap is interchangeable with the included standard temples for outside-the-cockpit wear.
  • Optically-correct, distortion-free, non-polarized lenses provide clear viewing of LCD multifunction displays on the instrument panel, and through acrylic aircraft windows.
  • Neutral gray, medium tinted lenses allow accurate perception of color charts and instruments. They are dark enough to remove glare from the brightest and haziest days, but not too dark to see easily in the cockpit. The new gradient lens option subtly compensates for lower-light levels in the cockpit while still reducing outside glare.
  • Flying Eyes sunglasses offer UV400 sun protection, because pilots flying at higher altitudes have increased exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun.

Flying Eyes sunglasses include a Resilamide frame made from advanced polymers. They’re up to 20% lighter than other plastics and yet far more durable, company officials note.

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