Aviation Network’s inaugural fly-in slated for September

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The Aviation Network, comprised of 700 members of the Young President’s Organization, is holding its inaugural 2014 Fly-In at the Alpine Airport in Wyoming Sept. 5-7.

This exclusive private event can only accommodate 30 planes and their passengers, according to organizers.

Entrepreneur Dr. Steven C. Funk will be acting as Day Chair for this event. No stranger to flying, Dr. Funk already has a ticket for an upcoming Virgin Galactic space flight.

Guest speakers include Scott Ernest, President and CEO of Textron Aviation, home to the iconic Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker brands, Stuart Horn, President and CEO of Aviat Aircraft Inc., manufacturer of the Pitts Special and Husky backcountry airplanes, and Brad Thress, President of Business Jets for Cessna.

George Dom, former Blue Angels Commander, will be the special guest.

Aviat will have six of its backcountry planes on hand, with their pilots ready for rides and stick lessons around the Grand Teton peaks and other scenic destinations. As part of the mountain and canyon tours, you will have the chance to fly in and learn how to fly a Husky.

For great fun and camaraderie, there will be a Chicken Drop with prizes for those who can drop the rubber chicken from their plane closest to the “target.”

For more information: FlyInAlpine.com 

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