2014 Aviation Summit adds Dream Racing to event

Dream Racing will offer fans the chance to drive some of the fastest, most exotic Ferraris in the world at the 2014 Aviation Summit Oct. 31-Nov. 2 in Palm Springs, Calif.

Dream Racing, led by founders and former race car drivers Enrico Bertaggia and Adriano De Micheli, provides racing experiences to fans by giving them the opportunity to drive cars like the Ferrari F430 GT, which has over 500 horsepower and can read speeds of over 200 mph.

“The Aviation Summit is for everyone who loves the flying lifestyle,” said Marco Parrotto, president of Lift Managment, who is putting on the event. “Pilots love going fast, and we think attendees are going to love the opportunity to drive a dream car like a Ferrari by Dream Racing.”

Dream Racing will provide instruction, safety equipment and racing suits for attendees looking to drive a Ferrari.

“Taking control of a racing car specifically built for the track is an unmatched experience that delivers indescribable emotions to drivers and passengers,” De Micheli said. “There is simply no comparison to a street car, much like there is no comparison between a jumbo airliner and jet fighter plane.”

Lift Event Management, headquartered in Las Vegas, is producing the 2014 Aviation Summit. The weekend will include three days of events, education, parties and parades. Up to 10,000 pilots and industry experts from around the world are expected, giving attendees an opportunity to meet industry representatives face to face. There also will be an opportunity to learn about new products, receive technical advice from manufacturers and participate in hands-on demonstrations.

For more information: lifteventmanagement.com


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