Pipistrel completes FAA LSA audit

Pipistrel reports it has successfully completed the FAA Light-Sport Aircraft operations audit.

In February, the FAA audit delegation visited and verified compliance to FAA regulation and ASTM LSA standards at Pipistrel’s factories in Italy and Slovenia.

The audit consisted of compliance verification of Pipistrel’s products, production organization, continued airworthiness procedures, maintenance aspects, and documentation for LSA aircraft sold in the USA market.

Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel owner and CEO ,says: “Meeting the highest safety standards and compliance with the rules and regulations is essential in the global market. Having received acknowledgement by the FAA that our operations not only meet, but exceed, what is expected for the LSA industry is a statement to our ongoing commitment to serve customers with highest quality products. We appreciate and welcome FAA Team’s professional attitude and their approach to elevate the level of safety and compliance throughout the LSA industry by conducting such high-quality and stringent audits”.

FAAaudit1Pipistrel is a Part 21G approved EASA Production Organization with headquarters in Slovenia and an additional assembly location in Italy.

For more information: Pipistrel.si



  1. Rick Skogland says

    Do you need any help in selling these birds? That’s what I do!
    I have over 2,000 hours and have been in sales my entire life. This would be a great bird to sell to those who are just starting their flying life!
    Rick Skogland 214-662-5778

  2. Paul Wisgerhof says

    Their long-wing Sinus and Virus also qualify as self-launching gliders. Both can be flown by a private pilot without a valid medical – as is true with any glider. You can buy them ready to fly or build your own from a kit. If you do build a kit, you can have it certified for IFR.

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