FltPlan offers free Canadian flight supplement

SOUTHBURY, Conn. — In support of Nav Canada’s mission to improve safety and flight efficiency in Canada, FltPlan has expanded its services for flights to/from the U.S. and for intra-Canada flight planning by offering the Canadian flight supplement (CFS) and digital visual navigation charts (VNCs).

“With the summer months almost here, Canada becomes a popular destination or stopover point going to Alaska,” said Ken Wilson, president of FltPlan, which supports 145,000 active pilots representing more than 65% of all business aviation.  “We are delighted to provide these products for no charge to our users to bring a new level of safety and convenience for pilots who use FltPlan.”

The CFS and VNCs are part of FltPlan’s expanding package of digital products pertaining to Canada  that also include Hi/Lo charts, approach charts, airport diagrams, geo-referencing, he noted.

In 2011 FltPlan expanded its coverage to include the filing of IFR intra-Canada flight plans. Next, through a licensing agreement with Nav Canada, Canada’s Air Navigation Service Provider that manages 12 million aircraft movements a year for 40,000 customers in over 18 million kilometers, FltPlan made available free, online Canadian Approach Plates, also known as CAP (Canada Air Pilot), that have since been integrated into FltPlan’s free iPad and Android Apps.  These online/offline charts include all instrument approaches, airport diagrams, SIDs, STARS, and special use approach plates for Canadian airports.  They work similarly to the available U.S. approach plates.

FltPlan also began providing Canadian high altitude and low altitude enroute charts in the fall of 2011. These geo-referenced charts enable pilots to overlay their route of flight on top of the airway charts.

In early 2012, FltPlan began letting pilots select between Canadian (Nav Canada) or U.S. (FAA) high and low altitude airway charts for areas that overlap.  The charts default to Nav Canada airway charts for flights out of Canada and default to FAA charts for flight from the U.S.

And in May 2012, FltPlan became an authorized distributor of Nav Canada Canadian paper charts, including the Canadian Flight Supplement (including the Water Supplement), Hi/Lo altitude enroute charts, sectionals (VNC), and terminal area charts.

For more information: FltPlan.com

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