Zenith Aircraft to host Fly-In to Summer

MEXICO, Mo. — Zenith will host its 8th annual “Fly-In to Summer” Open Hangar Day on Saturday, June 21.

The event provides an opportunity to tour the aircraft kit manufacturing facility and to meet people who have already completed the building their own kit plane. Many people will take their first flight in a Zenith aircraft during the fly-in. It also is a great chance to learn about all aspects of aircraft construction, company officials said.

zenith-open-hangar-2008bTypically, the Fly-In to Summer attracts 300 to 400 people. That includes 30 to 50 pilots who fly their finished Zeniths into Mexico Airport. The Fly-In is free and is open to everyone.

“It’s amazing how quickly the ramp fills up with people and aircraft,” said Zenith President Sebastien Heintz. “It’s a good old fashioned fly-in with lots of hangar talk and endless stories about building airplanes. It’s a very laid back affair, but still a lot of fun.”

For more information: ZenithAir.com

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