Eagle Creek Aviation receives STC for Garmin G950 in Twin Commanders

INDIANAPOLIS — Eagle Creek Aviation Services has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for Garmin G950 glass flight deck installations in Twin Commander aircraft.

This Twin Commander application of the G950 is essentially the complete Garmin G1000 installation less the Garmin Autopilot, according to company officials. In this installation, the G950 is coupled with the S-TEC 2100 Digital (DFCS) Autopilot.

Twin Commander CockpitThe Garmin G950 integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather and engine instrumentation systems on a 12.4-inch multifunction display and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays. Engine data is displayed on the MFD. These new components provide more data on demand and eliminate up to 150 pounds of wiring and equipment, according to company officials. The panel transformation also includes all new fuel, oil and hydraulic system pressure transducers and new engine fuel flow transmitters.

To further expand on the panel integration, Eagle Creek designed a Crew Alerting System (CAS) that allows for removal of the old annunciator panel. To complete the panel, it is WAAS-Certified and will be offered with full RVSM certification and approval.

“This is an important step for us to be able to provide the latest cockpit technology to the Twin Commander community,” said Eagle Creek CEO Matt Hagans. “There are a lot of pilots that have only flown on glass panels and this STC makes the Twin Commander a viable option for them.”

Eagle Creek’s STC allows for customization and offers optional equipment, including Garmin’s new TCAS systems and GWX-70 radar. Additional optional equipment includes ChartView and Synthetic Vision. Twin Commander models 840 and up will be RVSM capable.

“Eagle Creek spent two years certifying the Garmin G950 for the Twin Commander,” noted Project Manager Randy Morelock. “We tested and developed the conversion in a Commander 1000, and already have three airplanes in our Indianapolis maintenance facility undergoing the conversion, including two more Commander 1000s and a Commander 900.”

For more information: Eagle-Creek.com

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