Hartzell supports Screamin’ Sasquatch

Hartzell Propeller has been selected by John Klatt Airshows as the propeller technical partner for upcoming precision power aerobatics air show demonstrations featuring the Jack Link’s Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco.

Screamin’ Sasquatch is a 1929 barnstormer’s era Taperwing Waco powered by a huge Pratt & Whitney 985 Wasp Junior nine-cylinder radial engine and a GE CJ610 turbojet engine for added thrust.

Hartzell will provide its standard three-blade metal propeller mated to the radial engine and technical support throughout the 2014 air show season.

John Klatt, a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard and who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Jeff Boerboon, a U.S. Unlimited Aerobatics Champion, will fly the Screamin’ Sasquatch. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is sponsor for the aerobatic air show series.

“Like us, Hartzell Propeller is passionate about other aviators and bringing the excitement and exhilaration of flight to as many people as possible,” said John Klatt, president of John Klatt Airshows. “We are so pleased to be able to see the performance and durability of a Hartzell prop first hand as Hartzell Propeller helps us put on a wild ride for air show fans during the 2014 season.”

Hartzell Propeller President Joe Brown said, “We just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to participate with one of the premier air show performances in the world. Spectators will be thrilled and dazzled with the amazing sights and sounds of the Screamin’ Sasquatch.”

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