New PMA approvals for Airforms

BIG LAKE, Alaska — Airforms continues to grow its line of PMA
replacement offerings for hard-to-find parts. The newest, the PA-31 Series Cabin Door Latch (Piper PN 472-004), Helio Courier Stabilator Hinge Brackets, and Cessna 207 Cargo Door Up-Latch, were all requests from aircraft owners who were unable to source replacement parts for their fleet of aircraft, company officials said.

“We strive to meet the needs of our customers who operate fleets of older aircraft. It can be very difficult to find some high-wear parts for these older aircraft and we are working to support their continued safe operation.” said Dave Utsch, Sales and Marketing Director. “We work directly with our customers to gain an understanding of where we can best support their operations. In this case that means certification of some rather complex parts that are very hard to obtain.”

Airforms, a supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft, also produces an expanding line of turboprop
aircraft PMA parts, STCs, and hard to source parts for fleet operators.

Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts, supported by an engineering department with FAA DER staff engineers.

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