3CK gets grant for runway reconstruction

The Illinois Department of Transportation has provided grant authority to proceed with the design for the reconstruction of runway 8-26 at the Lake in the Hills Airport (3CK).

This $5 million project will reconstruct and widen the existing runway to bring it up to current FAA standards, airport officials said.

“This will be a significant safety improvement to airport operations,” said Michael Peranich, Airport Manager. “While it will not allow the airport to serve larger aircraft, it makes landing under crosswind conditions much safer and will eliminate the current waiver to runway width provided by the FAA.”

Details and timing of the actual construction will be determined as part of the design work, although it is not anticipated to start before completion of the final phase of relocating the parallel taxiway.

Bids for the taxiway relocation are expected to open a year from now.

Village staff will be working in conjunction with Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly, Inc. to plan and design the project. The federal grant covers 90% of the $5 million price tag while another 5% comes from the state. The remaining 5% is paid from the revenues generated at the airport.

This work is part of the continuing safety improvements to the airport, which began in 2003 with upgrades to navigational aids. The most recent projects include a wildlife hazard assessment conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, the relocation of Pyott Road, and the extension of perimeter fence around the airport. A relocation of the fuel facility and construction of a new fueling apron will commence this summer.

“This is a great occasion for both Lake in the Hills and McHenry County,” said Village President Paul Mulcahy. “The work will have short term impacts of improving the safety of the airport and creating construction jobs. Long term these improvements will support the economic development of McHenry County.”

The most recent study by the Illinois Department of Transportation shows the Lake in the Hills Airport has $28.7 million annual economic impact on the region.

For more information: LITH.org/airport


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