Second edition of ‘The Basic Aerobatic Manual’ released

Just released is the second edition of “The Basic Aerobatic Manual.”

Written by William K. Kershner, the book is a complete reference for the beginning aerobatic student, with unusual attitude and spin recovery information for the more straight-and-level flyer.

Kershner’s straightforward and conversational writing style guides students through stalls, chandelles, and lazy 8’s as well as basic aerobatic fundamentals, such as the aileron roll, loop, and snap roll. Further reading provides in-depth understanding of more advanced combination maneuvers including the Cloverleaf, the Immelmann, and the Cuban Eight, according to the publisher.

ASA AerobaticFor the pilot who is mainly interested in learning more about flight safety, there is a chapter dedicated to unusual attitude (upset) recovery, including key insights on returning to controlled flight solely by reference to instruments.

The “Kershner Flight Manuals” Series is now edited by the author’s son, airline pilot William C. Kershner.

The softcover, 128-page book is illustrated throughout with black and white diagrams, figures, and the author’s own illustrations.

Price: $19.95. It is also available as an eBook for $14.95.

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