Belite introduces liquid fuel probe sensor

Belite Electronics has introduced a Liquid (Fuel) Probe sensor.

The patent-pending new sensor system is inserted into the bottom of any fuel tank and will provide a calibrated indication of empty to full for any size or shape of fuel tank, from a minimum depth of 6 inches up to a maximum depth of 48 inches, according to company officials.

The unit does not intrude significantly into the fuel tank (unlike capacitive probes) and has no moving parts (unlike float probes), company officials note.

Fuel probab system webIt utilizes MEMS technology sensor, and is constructed from stainless steel.

“This new liquid level probe is ideal for aviation use,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite. “It doesn’t intrude into the fuel tank, is easier to install, works with any shape of tank and may be calibrated by the user.”

“Furthermore, it is immune to mechanical failure and water contamination failure (unlike resistive and capacitive probes, respectively) and will work with any type of liquid,” he continued. “Therefore, it is also ideal for applications in other areas, such as aerial agricultural tank level determination.”

Priced at $199.95, the stainless steel probe includes a small electronic control module and a programming switch assembly, along with a power connection pigtail harness.

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  1. Jack Fisher says

    Well, I have two 3.5 gal aux. fuel tanks. Would it work in each of those? Of course, I will have much less than 6 inches of fuel in each tank.
    Thank you,

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